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20 Jan

15 Jan

Tomorrow I am starting a new healthy ‘living’ regime. I refuse to call it a diet, because everytime I start things with the word ‘diet’ I always manage to fuck it up within about two days. Essentially, I am eating three meals a day, no snacking, drinking lots of water, and exercising for 1.5 hours 5 days a week. Sounds pretty simple?

Wrong. It’s going to be fucking hard.

I am the worst when it comes to starting diets. I always have that bit of chocolate, or that bag of chips. People try to tell me that going cold turkey isn’t the way to go because you need to treat yourself, but no. I have to go cold turkey. Because if I am a week in, and the deep longing for chocolate has finally subsided, and then my tongue tastes just a bit of the dairy/cocoa goodness, it’s all over. I become like a hyena, who hasn’t eaten in five thousand days. So cold turkey it is.

I’ve been wanting to get serious about this for awhile. And what better motivation than clothes? All my clothes are baggy on me anyway, due to the fact that the past year I have lost 13 kilos. But I have put off buying clothes because I always had the intention of losing more weight. So, here goes. Starting tomorrow, the sixteenth of January, I will start a eight week ‘healthy living plan’, which I hope leads to losing ten kilos. Ten kilos in eight weeks. That’s 1.25 kilos a week. Pretty managable. And when I get to my goal weight of 63 kilos, I will go out, $600 in my hand, and purchase a whole new wardrobe. Throw out all my clothes. And buy brand new ones.

Sounds like a pretty awesome treat to me. Take that, chocolate.

13 Jan

8 Jan

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living motto. hoping and praying.

3 Jan

I have loved you for a thousand years.